1930 Federal Census Index

Kansas, Butler County, Augusta City (South Part), Ward 1


Publication #T626
Roll #695
Sheets #2A, 3B, 5A, 6B and 8A

This index of the 1930 Census is my own work from the 1930 census pages.
I have listed the names as they appear in the census by page number.
Please note that in the 1930 census for August, KS, the sheet numbers do not go in order by ED, so one ED may have sheets 1B, 3A, 6B, 8B, etc. and do not go in order.  This is the way that Augusta, KS took the census.  

So, in order to try to help you out, I have included the street names as they changed in each ED.

I have tried to copy all of the names correctly, but some may be misinterpreted by me.  Please have a look at the whole list, in case I misspelled the name that you are looking for.
To find your name more quickly, click above on "Edit" and then Choose "Find" (or use Ctl +F), then type in the name for which you are searching and click "Find Next".  You can continue to press "Find Next" to scroll to the next match for your search criteria until you reach the end of the document.  If your name does not appear with the "Find" method, then be sure to look at the whole list in case I misspelled the name for which you are searching.

Please note that I do NOT have the actual census pages and cannot perform lookups.  This is just an index which hopefully will help you locate your ancestors by looking on the correct page of the Enumeration District. 

Census images can be viewed through Ancestry.com or you can obtain them through other sources which you will find listed at Cyndi's List.


Sheet 2A
Oak Street    
Call Vera M. Daughter 4 9/12
Mary A. Daughter 1 2/12
Helms Russel E. Head 42
Orra T. Wife 43
Johnie Son 20
Dale Son 16
Olen Son 13
Helen J. Daughter 5
Katherine M. Daughter 1 6/12
Hutter Andrew C. Head 42
Flora E. Wife 38
Viola L. Daughter 18
Clinton A. Son 15
John C. Son 13
Edith A. Daughter 10
Butha M. Daughter 8
Joe H. Son 6
Betty J. Daughter 1/12
Smith Alice M. Head 58
Kuh**s Beu F. Head 51
Maud E. Wife 51
Greathouse Clarence E. Head 33
Ruby Wife 29
Betty Daughter 7
Sue J. Daughter 4 1/12
Williams  Clyde C. Head 44
May G. Wife 39
Prater William F. Head 51
Leggitt Frank Head 41
Ora Wife 33
Sarah M. Daughter 16
Emily G. Daughter 14
Ralph V. Son 12
Teddy G. Son 9
Dorothy L. Daughter 6
Nina Daughter 3 11/12
Coleman Elmer E. Head 21
Helen M. Wife 20
Ray Clarence R. Head 20
Ne*ura M. Wife 16
Tarman Edwin R. Head 50
Ida M. Wife 48
Elden or Eldon Son 19
Catherine Daughter 17
Edwin R. Son 16
Ida M. Wife 48
Eldon Son 19
Catherine Daughter 17
Edwin R. Son 16
Wanda M. Daughter 12
Robert E. Son 11
Owens Harmon F. Head 19
Thelma G Sister 16
Agness E. Sister 14

Sheet # 3B
 Walnut Street    
Atkins Cla****** F. Granddaughter 11
Seabrier or Sea***** Dinah Head 36
  Edward W. Son 8
  Nelva L. Daughter 7
  Lucile V. Daughter 4 1/12
  Dorothy D. Daughter 2 6/12
Clippenger or Clippinger Bell Head 68
Markley Orvil M. Head 62
  Delila J. Wife 60
Lewman Robert A. Head 37
  Dorothy G. Wife 29
Gray Walter E. Head 29
  Mary G. Wife 36
Weese Everett E or C. Step-son 16
  Carl C. Step son 14
Gray  Lena Z. Daughter 8
  Betty Daughter 5
  Walter G. Son 4 2/12
Gray Charley Brother 20
Hine Ralph L. Head 47
  Laura Wife 46
  Carl L. Son 17
  Ralph W. Son 15
  Rubien C. Daughter 13
  Virgil D. Son 9
  Albertie L. Father 77
Gardner William N. Head 22
  Ellen D. Wife 18
  Wilbur W. Son 11/12
Mitchell  William R. Head 36
  May E. Wife 30
  Beatrice Daughter 10
  Thelma C. Daughter 8
Scott William F. Head 62
  Iva B. Wife 56
Woolery William S. Head 57
  Butha A. Wife 33
  William S. Son 19
  Ethel N. Daughter 14
  Edith B. Daughter 12
  Arie R. Daughter 10
  Thomas L. Son 8
  Roy F. Son 5
  Betty L. Daughter 3 1/12
  Lawrence Father 73
Ohmart Charles H. Head 54
  Alta M. Wife 27
Drouillard Gale O Stepson 5
  Bertha N. Step daughter 3 6/12
Ohmart  Ralph  Son 1 9/12

Sheet #5A
Nutter Anderson J. Head 47
Emily J. Wife 47
William A. Son 19
Leroy O. Son 17
Bud Son 4 or 9
Darnell William Brother-in-law 29
Hutson Loyd Nephew 21
James Claud L. Head 22
Cora C. Wife 21
Catharan F. Daughter 7/12
Mumford James A. Head 45
Bonnie G. Wife 35
Merrill M. Son 16
Darrell A. Son 9
Marshell W. Son 8
Cornelius Ralph H. Head 41
Martha E. Wife 39
Lawrence E. Son 15
Lawrence E. Son 15
Berenice Daughter 13
Pauline Daughter 11
Noll William Head 60
Metzger Victor R. Head 26
Ethel M. Wife 24
Victor T. Son 6
Clifford L. Son 2 4/12
Hosley William Head 65
Delong Rebecca E. Head 57
Divers Charles Son 18
Amos Son 15
Ohmart George W. Head 84
Della Wife 74
Schultz Fred Head 61
Anna Wife 57
Hinzman J. C. Father-in-law 87
Straus Roy D. Head 29
Hazel Wife 28
Betty J. Daughter 7
Kester S Son 4 6/12
Schultz Eugene Head 31
Martha V. Wife 24
Richard L. Son 5/12
C***** Earnest Head 22
Lorena M. Wife 19
Earnest L. Son 1/12
Crawford John D. Head 45
Audry Wife 32
Lietzke George Head 45
May Wife 41
Norman D. Son 18
Phyllis A. Daughter 4

Ayers Pearl M. Wife 19
Betty L. Daughter 10/12
Berscholdt or Borcholdt Henry H. Head 39
Sophia B. Wife 34
Gerald M. Son 15
John L. Son 14
Mary M Daughter 7
Dorris M. Daughter 3 1/2
Hinckle Newell C. Head 19
Katie E. Wife 19
Sharon J. Daughter 10/12
Atkins James W. Head 45
Dolores B Wife 42
Dorothy E. Daughter 22
Thelma J. Daughter 17
Myers James L. Head 30
Ethel M. Wife 29
Genevieve L. Daughter 6
Bernadine E. Daughter 4 11/12
James E. Son 8/12
Gray or Grey James H. Head 43
Olive O Wife 45
Polk Virgil R. Stepson 21
Gray James O Son 20
Polk  Elby W. Stepson 17
Gray Bernard L. Son 15
Truman or Freeman Son 13
Josephine F. Daughter 10
Scott Julius A. Head 24
Mabel Wife 17
Work or Wash or Wo** Earl E. Head 34
Anna J. Wife 32
Flynn Carl I Head 23
Opha Wife 18
Wood Samuel E. Head 47
Maggie or Meggie M. Wife 45
Cecil R. Son 22
Roy E. Son 16
Lamb Thomas P. Head 39 or 37
Jessie R. Wife 23
Smith Furman Boarder 24
Smith Fred Boarder 27
Brown  Victor Boarder 30
Morris Frank D. Boarder 37
Wood Ervin Boarder 30
Chisler Fred Boarder 38
Clark Thomas U. Boarder 23
Alaxander Roy Boarder 27
Wagenbach George Boarder 31
Smith Harold Lodger 29

Ohwalt or Ohmalt or Ohmart William H. Head 40
Lily M. Wife 38
Willard W. Son 8
Ohmart Steve Head 25
Sylvia Wife 22
Weyrick John E. Head 58
Jennie O Wife 57
Henderson Harry W. Head 48
Maggie E. Wife 46
Gary E. Son 17
Griffith Charles W. Head 45
Dora M. Wife 50
Wilbur C. Son 17
Neva M. Daughter 15
Clarence L. Son 11
Reed Elery Head 52
Poindexter Samuel J. Head 25
Jessie M. Wife 26
Franklin D. Son 5
Helen L. Daughter 2 6/12
Harlan Samuel M. Head 54
Anna M. Wife 32
Shoemaker Elvin W. Stepson 13
Iva or Ima Stepdaughter 12
Freda Stepdaughter 8
Claud W. Stepson 6
Cabrales Alejandro Head 29
Beatrice Wife 23
Jesus Daughter 4 4/12
Guadalupe Son 1 8/12
Eustacio Son 0/12
Cabrales Manuel Head 25
Carmen Wife 23
Manuel Son 1 5/12
Gallegor or Galleger Migel Head 30
Felipa Wife 25
Aurelio Son 6
Rosa Daughter 4 7/12
Leandro Son 0/12
Arroyo Narciso Head 37
Maria Wife 16
Velasques Juan Head 40
Antonia Wife 30
Victor Son 11
Helena Daughter 10
Armas Isaac Head 29
Elsie Wife 29
Augilar or Augiler Mary Stepdaughter 11
Tony stepson 9
Delgado Manuel Head 39


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