1930 Federal Census Index

Kansas, Butler County, Augusta City (Central Part), Ward 2


Publication #T626
Roll #695
Sheets #2A, 3B, 5A, 6B

This index of the 1930 Census is my own work from the 1930 census pages.
I have listed the names as they appear in the census by page number.

Please note that in the 1930 census for August, KS, the sheet numbers do not go in order by ED, so one ED may have sheets 1B, 3A, 6B, 8B, etc. and do not go in order.  This is the way that Augusta, KS took the census.  

So, in order to try to help you out, I have included the street names as they changed in each ED.

I have tried to copy all of the names correctly, but some may be misinterpreted by me.  Please have a look at the whole list, in case I misspelled the name that you are looking for.
To find your name more quickly, click above on "Edit" and then Choose "Find" (or use Ctl +F), then type in the name for which you are searching and click "Find Next".  You can continue to press "Find Next" to scroll to the next match for your search criteria until you reach the end of the document.  If your name does not appear with the "Find" method, then be sure to look at the whole list in case I misspelled the name for which you are searching.

Please note that I do NOT have the actual census pages and cannot perform lookups.  This is just an index which hopefully will help you locate your ancestors by looking on the correct page of the Enumeration District. 

Census images can be viewed through Ancestry.com or you can obtain them through other sources which you will find listed at Cyndi's List.


Sheet 2A
Stevens E**** (Female) Head 49
Lee Son 32
Cecil son 22
Charley Son 19
Whistler John F. Head 57
Nora Wife 51
Elijah D. Son 31
Delsney or Deleney or Delaney Charles Brother-in-law 60
Boucher Sarah Head 97
Spillman Dayton Head 73
Hajek Joseph J. Head 25
Evelyn T. Wife 23
Kilgore or Kil(((e James F. Head 25
Georgia E. Wife 19
Noll Earnest B. Head 27
Doris A. Wife 23
Lawanda J. Daughter 4 1/12
Louis J. Daughter 2 3/12
Dwane A. Son 9/12
Riddle Clarence Head 21
Locia Wife 20
Wa*d L. Daughter 2 3/12
Etta Mother 58
Broomfield John O. Head 70
Leila Wife 62
Edrie Daughter 20
Dickerson Luke F. Head 33
Mostela J. Wife 37
Freeman Walter Head 39
Amis or Annis Aunt 55.
S****** STREET
Richert John J. Head 48
Maud E. Wife 45
Audery R. Daughter 22
Forest F. Son 15
Millard Walter W. Head 53
Ethel B. Wife 47
Scott E. Otto Head 22
Irene Wife 40
Adams William K. Head 30
Loula I or J. Wife 21
Clark George W. Head 35
Nora B. Wife 35
Maxine Daughter 17
Lewis William P. Head 35
Effie M. Wife 34
Mary E. Daughter 7
William T. Son 6
Lockwood  Lawrence E. Head 32
Esther M. Wife 32
Hall Charles ?-in-law 14

Sheet # 3B
Boyer or Buyer Ima M. Head 39
  Richard C. Son 12
  Jack D. Son 9
McConnell John W. Head 47
  Francis M. Wife 40
G***** or Guinn Walter E. Head 37
  Kitty C. Wife 34
Harryman Clarence G. Head 37
  Ada A. Wife 35
  Alice E. Daughter 18
  Mary J. Daughter 14
  Peggy A. Daughter 11
Mertes or Merter Bernhard Head 55
  Mary Wife 54
Spain George Roomer 37
Hieger Herman Roomer 34
Prather Ray E. Head 35
  Winona C. Wife 24
  Phillip P or R Son 4 1/12
Phillips Grover C. Head 46
Delores H. Wife 42
Austin B. T. Son 23

Safford Eugene S. Head 43
Verne M. Wife 44
Edward F. Son 13
Dorothy J. Daughter 5
Gregg Dorothea Head 37
Gainer Stella B. Head 52
Leach Harry L. Head 31
Goldie B. Wife 24
Kennedy Kirk R. Head 27
Marene L. Wife 21
Mary H. Daughter 8/12
Pugh Claud C. Head 40
Mildred A. Wife 36
Switzer Fred Head 34
Georgia  Wife 30
White Harry L. Head 27
Patti D. Wife 30 or 20
Coyne ? Herbert C. Head 23
Marjorie A. Wife 20

Glover Leroy Head 46
Nancy E. Wife 45
Albert Father 74
Flora A. Mother 72
Baughman John D. Head 28
Ruth Wife 25
Patricia Daughter 1 11/12
Parrett Joseph M. Head 55
Margaret T. Wife 54

Sheet #5A
Foltz Lulu M Wife 44
Pinelot ? Myrtle M. Sister-in-law 46
Bouey ? Robert L. Roomer 43
Waller  Allen M. Head 36
La Veta or LaVeto Wife 33
Margaret V. Daughter 7
Cash Clovis G. Head 28
Martha J. Mother 68 or 69
Moore Charles W. Head 37
Maggie L. Mother 65
Newland Lee E. Head 30
Kathrine Wife 21
Jackie G. Son 1 3/12
Wiedlein ? Edward Head 73
Nettie M. Wife 73

Robertson James F. C. Head 23
Elizabeth I. Wife 21
Jones  William H. Head 45
Alta Wife 43
Reba F. Daughter 13
Waldrop Susan L. Mother-in-law 82
Kichus or Kuhns Clinton W. Head 22
Francis J. Wife 19
Jean W. Daughter 1 4/12
Jeanett F. Daughter 3/12
Jenkins Emma E. Head 53
Delno or Delus Son 27
Davis Isaac P. Head 57
Minnie R. Wife 53
Herbert C. Son 17
Vern L. Son 14
Maxine L. Daughter 12
James W. Brother 68
Packer Frank F. Son-in-law 25
Gladys F. Daughter 21
Betty M. Granddaughter 2 6/12
Richard D. Grandson 7/12
Ralston  Jennie Head 58
Harold F. Son 28
Theodore W. Son 26
Helen Daughter 21
Marshall  Florence Head 53
Plummer Eliza Head 72
Dunsford Francis m. Head 45
Margaret J. Wife 40
Audley R. Son 19
A Lowell Son 17
Fischer or Fisher Herman A. Head 47
Gertrude E. Wife 33
Marjorie S. Daughter 6

Skear or Skaer Stanley U. or W. Head 42
Olive J. Wife 41
Billy Son 15
Cooper John M. Head 37
Eunice Wife 36
Billy Son 7
Hendricks John Head 45
Allen John Head 83
Cohen Simon Head 33
Esther Wife 33
Anna C. Daughter 11
William Son 8
David J. Son 6
Ellis J. Son 1 9/12
Bankey Charles Head 46
Lula E. Wife 39
Harrison Albert M. Head 54
Ella M. Wife 48
Harold D. Son 20
Mallison Samuel N. Head 41
Dorothy A. Wife 39
Mary M. Daughter 17
Yeary George D. Head 30
Dora M. Wife 18
Warrender James O. Head 55
Ella M. Wife 52
James H. Son 23
Sarah L. Daughter 21
Herron  Walter J. Head 44
Elsie M. Wife 39
Jack L. Son 5
Moody Ross G. Head 43
Eastman Melissa Mother 68
Brooks half brother 22
Mary sister-in-law 21
Fillmore Ella M. Head 38
David A. Son 16
Inez M. Daughter 15
Merten or Muten Mathew A. Head 51
Anna L. Wife 42
Charles W. Son 5
Hawes Emily Mother-in-law 77
Purcell Mary I or J Head 79
Ted or Fed Daughter 36
Patterson William H. Head 74
Cynthia E Wife 65
Patterson Ruby Head 25
Merle Wife 21
Hyde Sarah Head 79
Charles D. Son 51


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