1930 Federal Census Index

Kansas, Butler County, Augusta City (Northwest Part), Ward 3


Publication #T626
Roll #695
Sheets #6A through End

This index of the 1930 Census is my own work from the 1930 census pages.
I have listed the names as they appear in the census by page number.

In order to try to help you out, I have included the street names as they changed in each ED.

I have tried to copy all of the names correctly, but some may be misinterpreted by me.  Please have a look at the whole list, in case I misspelled the name that you are looking for.
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Please note that I do NOT have the actual census pages and cannot perform lookups.  This is just an index which hopefully will help you locate your ancestors by looking on the correct page of the Enumeration District. 

Census images can be viewed through Ancestry.com or you can obtain them through other sources which you will find listed at Cyndi's List.


Sheet 6A
Grant James A. Head 56
Coral Wife 49
Zelma Daughter 26
Ayers Edwin Head 39
Marie Wife 39
Courcier or Courcies Lois Stepdaughter 18
Robinson Frank J. Head 42
Beula Wife 45
Johnston Jeanne L. Head 46
Fuller Eva Head 78
Rush Abigail Roomer 48
Cox Roy A. Head 45
John C. Brother 44
John Jr. Nephew 11
Mangold Harry A. Head 45
Agnes Wife 37
Margaret Daughter 8
William Son 7

Penley Francis H. Head 74
Oline or Aline Wife 57
Penley Charles W. Head 36
Mary Wife 36
Marion Daughter 8
Joan Daughter 2 2/12
Penley Walter A. Head 49
Winnie Wife 53
Ernest C. Brother 45
Pearl Sister in law 47
Moyle Matthew Head 49
Pearl Wife 43
Henry Son 16
Virginia Daughter 14

Boucher Henry E. or C. Head 58
Bird ? Wife 57
Taylor or Taylot Addison N. Head 66
Sue Wife 58
Shore  Chester Head 30
Bertha Sister 32

Jackson Harvey Head 42
Eula Wife 27
Amos Fred Frother in law 19
Boucher Emily Head 66
Ethel Daughter 35
Leitzke Edward Head 52
Grace Wife 49
Glenn Son 23
Ruland Fannie Head 65

Haines Roy A. Head 55
Sarah Wife 58
Barrick Helen  Daughter 22

McNeal Marjorie Wife 88
Estelle Daughter 48
Finney Dwight L. Head 30
Vesta Wife 26 or 28
Patricia Daughter 3 11/12
Hayes James Head 74
Mary Niece 36
Thompson Belle Head 60
Flossie Daughter 30
Nellie Daughter 26
Hubert Son 21
Jamel or Jewel Son 18
Dolts or Dotts or Oalts Clyde Roomer 21
McQuaid Althea Head 31

Hedrick Milan Head 37
Mabel Wife 32
Marjorie Daughter 7 9/12 or 1 9/12
Meigs or Mugs Lovin or Levin Head 53
Hamilton Cora Sister 67
Lane Joseph A. Head 28
Susie Wife 26
Robert Son 5
Thompson Blaine Head 38
Ida Wife 34
Arthur Son 14
Dorothy Daughter 10
Evelyn Daughter 8
Elsie Daughter 5
James Son 2 5/12
Erwin Forest Roomer 23
Fager Mervin Roomer 21
Williams Glenn Head 27
Mildred Wife 29
Ronald Son 6/12
Smith Henry Head 85
Dorothy Wife 81
George M. Son 53
William  Son 50
Lutz Harry Head 41
Goldie Wife 37
Harriett Daughter 3 8/12 or 3 5/12
Geneius or Gonenius Claus A. Head 54
Pete A. Brother 49
Lida Sister 38
Patterson Harry Head 40
Mabel Wife 37
Azela Daughter 16
Rowena Daughter 14
Harry Jr. Son 10
Viona or Viola Daughter 6

Patterson Aurilla Daughter 4 7/12
Gonenius Henry Head 57
Elva Wife 56
Bales Mattie Sister in law 59
O'Neal Alice M. Head 50
John F. Son 9
Schiag or S****** Milton Head 23
Lilly Wife 24

McIlvain Ina Head 38
Williams Mary Mother 73
Abel Henry G. Roomer 31
Abel Edward R. Roomer 20
Tuggle Robert G. Roomer 25
Fischer Esther Roomer 22
Dirky Chester C. Head 44
Caroline Wife 41
Cain  Shirley Sister in law 38
Hall Velma F. Roomer 34
Switzer Joe R. Head 63
Sallie Wife 55
Nelson Griffin Sister in law 46
Leonard Frank Head 58
Myrtle Wife 52
Fox Emma Mother in law 80
Scott James W. Head 55
Rose Wife 52
Harry Son 29
Weaver Myrtle Daughter 28
Scott Bessie Daughter 24
Nina Daughter 20
Eugene Son 18
Weaver Ila or Ida Granddaughter 2 7/12
Leonard Hugh C. Head 62
Minnie Wife 60

Rumberger or Rumberge John N. Head 57
Dora Wife 50
Hughes Elizabeth Roomer 52
Abernathy Benjamin H. Head 38
Naomi Wife 36
Elizabeth Daughter 3 8/12
Robertson Charles A. Head 66
Sadie Wife 58
Seits or Suits Jake H. Father in law 88 or 89
Myers Mac Head 57
Blanche Wife 54
Louise Daughter 18
Stephenson David A. Roomer 27
Vurling or **rling Erna Roomer 22

McCauley Maude Head 38
Margaret Daughter 12

Goodman Nathan Head 67
James M. Brother 75
Williams Harvey or Harry C. Son in law 29
Jennie Daughter 29
Hamilton Keith ? Head 33
Julia Wife 30
Sage Don Roomer 21
Reager or Reagor Earl P. Head 50
Ada Wife 42
Miriam Daughter 17
Weldon Son 14

Morris Earl E. Head 37
Matilda Wife 33
Edward Son 7
Carl Son 4 8/12
Clark William M. Head 59
Maud Wife 47
Raymond  Son 20
Vivian Daughter 10
Muchmoss or Mu****** Merle Roomer 50
Davis Delma Roomer 23
Robbins Helen M. Roomer 25
Krehbiel Earl Roomer 24
LePorte Paul Roomer 20

Gil***** Murray M. Head 35
LaVerna Wife 33
Mack Son 8
Billie Son 4 ?/12
Goodwin Jargie Roomer 32
Larner Ella Roomer 36
Dehlia Roomer 25

Mannion John Head 61
Teresa Wife 48
Harold Son 28
Dorothy Daughter 26
Ponselow Son 22

Pinlott or Pimlott Joseph Head 56
Ranella Wife 52
Rickey or Richey John Head 50
Susan Wife 51
Curtis Son 15
Darius Son 13

Lehr Stephen Head 65
Mary Wife 64
Ella Daughter 28
Beulah Daughter 28
Paul Son 27

Meigs or Maigs Clyde J. Head 62

Cafield or Cofield Lester O. Roomer 24

Canfield Ernest Head 50

Canfield Jessie P. Wife 40
Eugene R. Son 6

McCluggage Clara J. Head 77
Howerton Raymond S. Head 46
Lela E. Wife 44
Mary E or S. Mother in law 65

Roberts Ossie M. Roomer 14

Canfield Earl A. Son 20
Naomi Daughter in law 17

Johnson Luther R. Head 49
Martha E. Wife 46
Margaret M. Daughter 18 or 19
E*****n H. Son 17
Warford B. Son 15
Robert Son 11
Richard M. Son 8
Dana F. Son 5


Sheets 1A-5B

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